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Virgin Passion Fruit Oil

Virgin Passion Fruit Oil
Virgin Passion Fruit Oil



Organic Passion Fruit, aka Chinola, Maracuja, Parcha

Our Organic Passion Fruit (Maracujá) Oil is undiluted and unrefined; It contains all nutrient and healing properties! It is wild harvested, organically grown by Mother Nature in Brazil Rainforest.

Passion Fruit (aka Maracujá) is a small yellow or purple egg-shaped tropical fruit. It is known for its various health benefits apart from its pleasant taste. Within the fruit are orange-colored, pulpy juice and as many as 250 small, hard, dark-brown or black, pitted seeds. These aromatic edible seeds yield about 23% oil. The aroma of the oil is much like the fruit and is yellow to vibrant yellow in color; it possesses many natural benefits to the skin and hair.

Passion Fruit Oil is high in vitamins A and C, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and essential fatty acids. It has it light and non-greasy texture, which absorbs right into the skin. It balances skin sebum, controls acne, prevents premature aging, decreases skin inflammation, moisturizes dry skin, and improves skin softness. Highly recommended for the face, it also serves as a light moisturizer to the body and excellent as a sedative massage oil. 

Passion Fruit Oil can be used in hair care to maintain hair health and can be used to condition dry, brittle and damaged hair. It balances scalp oil, encourages healthy hair growth, strengthens and gives a natural sheen to hair.


* Suncare products
* Bath Oils
* Massage products

Use as a daily moisturizer. It can be used after shower, with skin still damp, spread generous amount over entire body, concentrating in the driest areas, rinsing away excess to leave skin dewy soft and smooth. When used daily your body will respond to the refreshing and invigorating benefits of Passion Seed Oil.

It can be applied to bathing oils, lotions, creams, soaps, hair conditioner, hair masks and shampoos. Concentration for use is between 2 to 7% for both hair and personal care.


Botanical Name: 100% Organic Passion Fruit (aka Chinola, Maracujá or Parcha) oil.

Country of Origin- Brazil

Cultivation- *Wild Harvested (*organically grown by mother nature)

Extraction Method- Cold Press/Unrefined

Texture- Liquid

Color- Yellow

Scent- Light fruity aroma

Shelf Life- 2 years

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