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Amla Fruit Oil Strengthens Hair

Amla Fruit Oil Strengthens Hair
Amla Fruit Oil Strengthens Hair



Amla Oil

Amla also known as gooseberry, is native to India and has been traditionally used for restoring vitality to dry and damaged hairs. 

Amla oil meant to strengthen hair, reduce premature pigment loss from hair, or greying, stimulate hair growth, reduce hair loss, prevent or treat dandruff and dry scalp, prevent or treat parasitic hair and scalp infections, like lice infections, prevent or treat fungal and bacterial hair and scalp infections, improve overall appearance of hair.

Continuous use of Amla will result in hair follicles being strengthened, a halt to premature graying, the elimination of dandruff, and overall improved hair health. 

This is natural and pure Amla Oil available without use of synthetic and mineral oils. Strictly Virgin Sesame Oil and Amla Fruit-the healthiest option for your hair. Steeped in Ayurveda tradition.

Botanical Name: Phyllanthus Emblica

Plant Part: Fruit

Infused In: Extra Virgin Sesame Seed Oil.

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