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Rustic Coat Rack

Rustic Coat Rack
Rustic Coat Rack
Rustic Coat Rack
Rustic Coat Rack
Rustic Coat Rack
Rustic Coat Rack
Rustic Coat Rack
Rustic Coat Rack
Rustic Coat Rack




Each coat rack that we make is a unique piece of art that is deeply steeped in the history of Wisconsin's agriculture. These coat racks are made with genuine rustic tobacco lath. Since the 1800's Wisconsin has been one of the leading producers of tobacco in the United States. Tobacco is a very labor intensive crop from the seeding, planting, hoeing, harvesting, hanging and stripping. For many it was a family affair with everyone from young to old helping the family during tobacco season. Tobacco was the crop that allowed many small farms to continue to exist by giving them an extra income source to keep the farm running. 

When the tobacco was harvested a thin slat of wood, called LATH, was used to hang the tobacco leaves in the tobacco sheds to cure. Most of these pieces of lath have been around for over 100 years and hold a lot of memories within their grain. With the decline of the tobacco industry in the state of Wisconsin, the old sheds are full of these pieces of wood just waiting for someone to utilize them again before they rot away.

Our coat racks are made with 100% authentic aged tobacco lath. These lath were rough cut and through their century of use have developed a natural beauty unrivaled by any machine cut wood you can buy today. 

Each piece is truly unique in and of itself which makes this a really fun product to create. Each time I make one I truly believe that "this one has to be my favorite so far."

Don't miss out on your chance to own a piece of history and display it proudly in your home. Pass it down through your family and give this beautiful tobacco lath a chance to live on for another 100 years!

*These coat racks are made to order and will look similar to the picture above. Since we do not add any stain to the wood and only apply a clear coat to bring out the natural beauty, color variations will exist.

*This wood is old, some near 100 years. Imperfections such as cracking, chips, dents, missing knots are not excluded from the work as they add to the rustic character of the piece and are welcomed addition that help tell the story of the wood.

*Each coat rack measures about 6" high and length is selected by buyer.

*If you have a preference of color, Lighter or Darker, please make a note with your order and we will do our best to accommodate you.

*Each coat rack has mounting holes drilled at 16 inches on center. We do not include mounting hardware. If mounting on studs, we recommend using 2.5 to 3 inch screws. If mounting on a hollow wall, we recommend using a toggle bolt anchor. If you prefer to drill your own mounting holes so you can match them up with your studs, please make a note with the order and we will not predrill the holes.

✉ Please include your phone number at the checkout to assist in final delivery.

▷ Thank you for Shopping.

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