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Giant Stitch Hand Knitted Chunky Blanket

Giant Stitch Hand Knitted Chunky Blanket




What is It?
It is 100% Merino Wool Chunky Knit Blanket Or So Called Giant Stitch Blanket Made Of Popular 100% Merino Wool Chunky Yarn.

I Can Create Personalized Blankets From More Than One Color Just Reach Out To Me With Your Enquiry And I Will Be Glad To Send You A Sketch Of The Final Look Before Start Of Knitting So You Always Know What You Get. 

Whats Is It For?
It Is Irreplaceable And Nicely Made Very Soft Blanket. You Can Find Comfort And Warmth If Wrapped Around Your Shoulders Or Simly Use It As A Quilt. It Can Also Be Used To Tune Out The World Around You If Porperly Wrapped Into. It Actually Works :) Please Also Note This Is Delicate Blanket That Needs Care If Used In Other Than Decorative Purposes.

What Is It Made From?
It Is Made From Chunky Yarn (Merino Wool Yarn) Which Is Ideal For Arm Knitting. Merino Wool's Success Is In It's Fine Fibres And Unique Softness. Being Fine Gives An Ability To Bend More Than Other Coarser Fibres. It Also Has Higher Elasticity That Helps From Losing Shape. Merino Wool Provides Excellent Temperature Regulation And Does Not Irritate Skin.

How Do I Care For It?
Dry Clean Only. There Are Plenty Of Instructions Around Internet How To Clean Merino Wool But Please Consider Before Taking A Risk.

Please Note: Color Might Vary Depending On Screen Resolution, Screen Type And Adjustment Settings, Device Type. Consider This Before Choosing Color.

✉ Please include your phone number at the checkout to assist in final delivery.

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